Grades Of Green – Trash Free Lunch Challenge!

We have been so honoured to work with Grades of Green for the last few years, and we just LOVE what the challenge they currently have in place!  Grades of Green’s annual Trash Free Lunch Challenge is a competition between Los Angeles County schools to see which school can reduce their quantity of trash the most.  This year, there are already twenty-six new schools competing to reduce lunchtime waste!  Out of these twenty-six schools, the top three will receive science grants!  Collectively, they will divert thousands of bags of trash destined for landfills this year alone.  Even more importantly, it will teach kids better habits that will protect the environment in the years to come.

Grades of Green always come up with creative ways to get students motivated to live a more trash free lifestyle, and we hope that you will support them as much as we do on this challenge!  Learn more about the challenge here.