Game On! Snow Rumble Competition!

Wondering why I haven’t returned any calls or emails for the past 4 days? I had to practice my SnowRumble: Babybot vs. Monster skills so I could put out a little challenge to all of you lovelies! Although my competetive nature said “BOOYAHHH” to everyone who missed their chance at the 5% promo code for successfully whooping the first level of SnowRumble I was feeling a bit sad for those who wanted to purchase Wean Cubes for 5% off:(

This is my cheap attempt at an apology:)

I contacted Babybot and told them that I would give any player who beat me at the game 5% off Wean Cubes from their store. They have stepped up to the challenge and matched my discount. Yes that’s right folks, beat me at SnowRumble and you will be rewarded 10% off Wean Cubes until December 17th. Even better? For everyone who plays on Team Wean Green, you will be entered to win a Babybot/Wean Green gift set just in time for Christmas! I have also put out this challenge to some other lovely manufacturers that Babybot sells for! The larger team Wean Green is the bigger the chance that a Wean Green reader will win the gift set!! Read below for all the boring but extremely important info!

How to play:

1. Download the game FOR FREE!!

2. Once you create your Posse, name it ‘Wean Green’ and then Your name- Mine is ‘Wean Green Mama’.


3. Remember to submit your high scores after you play! Go to the high scores area and submit your scores.

4. After you have submitted your high scores you can see where you stand on the online high scores!! If you figured out how to cheat and managed to hack your way into a higher score than mine, send me an email to and let me know your Posse Name. If I see that you indeed beat me I will email you back with your promo code.  If I discovered you were fibbing, watch for the giant snowball on your front window:)

5. Get your friends involved! Make sure everyone puts ‘Wean Green’ at the start of their posse name and together Team Wean Green will rock the world of manufacturers! If team Wean Green beats out all the other Babybot teams, all of our team members (regardless of their abilities or lack of) will be entered to win a Babybot gift set just in time for Christmas!!

6. Rate the game!!! You can rate the game on iTunes! Every person that rates this game 5 stars with a comment will be entered to win a limited edition Colin doll from Babybot & Monster Factory! Woot Woot.

6. Break a finger…ummm, I mean leg!

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  1. November 23, 2010

    My high score today is 1542! Anyone beat it yet??

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