Flavor of the Week-MD Moms Products!

Remember my post about the Babybot Stroller Event? There is something I didn’t tell you about that event.  That was the day I got hooked on an awesome baby skincare line…Hello MD Moms

At the Babybot Stroller Event there was a change area that was completely stocked with MD Moms products including the Baby Silk Cleansing Towels.  There is a reason they are named, Baby Silk!! These are actually softer than my silk pillow case, I AM IN LOVE!!! The funniest thing about all of this is that I discovered these AFTER my youngest weaner was potty trained! I wish she would have had the luxury to have her bum wiped with these babies daily (is this reason enough to have baby #3?)

The next thing in their incredible line that I need to point out is the reason I have been promoting this company to every pregnant mama I know.  They have SAFE sunscreen for weaners under 6 months old! That is right mamas, there is finally a solution to go along with the ‘keep them out of the sun’ rule! Luckily my weaners are not too old for this one and they have had the pleasure of completely covering their bodies in this yummy smelling sunscreen:)

Okay, this ‘silky liquid powder’ is exactly as it sounds. It is powdery but it is liquid enough that you aren’t going to be inhaling it when you douse that babies little bum.  It is incredible! I was watching parents at the stroller event, and they would try it on their fingers first (far away from their weaners) and then call their spouse over and do the ol’ “have you seen this, it is soo soft!” Then and only then would the baby finally get to feel what their mamas were talking about! Silky smooth, just like their bum.

I am not done. I have a rather funny story to insert here.  My youngest weaner’s birthday was September 21st. We had some company over for her birthday dinner and everyone had brought gifts.  She opened up her gifts in a rather unusual cool and collected state and when she got to my gift (MD Mom’s Hair and Body Wash) she went crazy! She was so excited!! She started running over to everyone showing them her ‘sooope’ and had to test it out immediately.  She loves it!! The craziest thing was this was the day that another law suit was brought against a very well known baby soap company and one of their retailers.  It is such a relief to know that their are moms AND doctors out there that are finding innovative ways to protect our weaners from the chemicals that large companies have been exposing them to for years! Which brings me to something extremely important! Their products are all free of phthalates, lanolin, petroleum, mineral oil and known skin irritants. Make sure you check out the ingredients section on their website!

Just in case you can’t tell how much I love MD Moms, here is a picture of my dear friend Kia with the two founding mom/doctors at the ABC Kids Expo. They were only 2 booths away from ours and everyday I saw them I felt like I was meeting a superstar (probably because I was;)

We were also lucky enough to have their incredibly beautiful staff lotion our poor dry Canadian hands every morning before the show! Its funny that the only ‘bottles’ I brought home from Las Vegas were the Moisturizing Balm bottles!!

Where to buy? I purchased mine at www.babybot.com. Check your local stores or check the MD Moms website!

Have a product that you think would be a great Flavor of the Week, contact me, melissa@weangreen.com!

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