Flavor of the Week-Lex Modern Art

While in Vegas I was lucky enough to have a booth beside Melanie, the sweet owner of Lex Modern.  Her art is rockin’! I brought the piece pictured above home for my oldest weaner.  It comes in an array of colors and you can even get it personalized!! Melanie designs all the art (with the help of her sweet little boy and hubby) and each piece of art is UV-printed and hand stretched in Lex Modern Studios. Although the rockstar picture is perfect for my oldest, the three below are going to be going in my office!

Although I know Melanie signed up awesome retailers at the ABC Kids Expo I am not sure where they all are, check out their online store: http://www.lexmodern.com/

Have a product that you think would be a great Flavor of the Week, contact me, melissa@weangreen.com!

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