Craft Time Organization


It’s always fun to get creative and do some with the kids.  The difficult part is staying organized throughout and even worse – the clean up.  Here are a couple ideas of how to use Wean Green in your craft organization:

Paint Storage – Since Wean Green containers are airtight you can store all of your paints in the containers without having to worry about them drying out or spilling.  Since the containers are non-porous the paint will easily wash off when your are done with the container.  After you are done painting, just snap the lids back on and clean up is done!

Rainbow Loom Elastics – These are such a hit right now!  The downside is figuring out how to store the elastics and keeping the colors organized.  Wean Green’s Wean Cubes are the perfect size for splitting up rainbow loom colors.  You can even color code the lids according to different kids so that they know which rainbow loom elastics belong to who.

Markers and Crayons – Store all your kids markers and crayons in Wean Green Meal Cubes so that they won’t be misplaced.  The best thing is since the containers are airtight, you don’t have to worry if a marker lid wasn’t put on because they won’t dry out in the container.