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Melissa’s Tempered Words

Have you read this blog post written by a loving husband who defends his hardworking stay at home wife’s job? Unfortunately the reactions that this blog has received are honestly breaking my heart. The comments from people who are comparing stay at home mothers to working mothers are so sad. ALL mothers deserve respect and acknowledgement for the work they do. All the people that think this is a competition need to realize that every situation is different. I am ALWAYS a mother-whether I am working or staying at home. Support mamas everywhere-leave your positive comments and words of encouragement below. Tell us your experiences or even give a loving shout out to another mama!  xoxox Melissa (stay at home working mom;)

Q & A With Melissa

Wean Green’s founder & CEO, Melissa Gunning, has been known for her extended work hours, long dance mom hours and master carpooling skills. As a former elementary school teacher she is often drawing us pictures and colour coding our file folders.  With 2 kids in tow she has been trying to take over the world 1 Wean Cube at a time for nearly 5 years! Self proclaimed as the ‘funniest girl in the office’ things can get a little out of hand at WG Headquarters. We are going to be having a live stream on Friday with Melissa and she will be open to answering any questions (yes, ANY) that you have for her.  Post your questions (embarrassing ones encouraged) in the comments section of this blog post and stay tuned on Friday at 11am PST to hear the answers!

#FF – #honorcurves

We are so excited about our first Follow Friday!  Meet Honorine, the founder of #HonorMyCurves.  Hono refers to herself as a Self Love Advocate, meaning she promotes being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself just the way you are.  Hono started her Instagram account in hopes to inspire a handful of people to love themselves and bring confidence into every aspect of their lives.  People started to catch on to the amazing work that Hono was sharing and she is now at nearly 55,000 followers on Instagram.  This curvy role model gives words of encouragement multiple times a day and has touched and changed countless lives.  Her lovely followers send in pictures and captions about how she has changed their lives and boosted their confidence levels.  Each day, one of the followers are featured on the Instagram page.  The message that Hono promotes is so simple – love yourself, own your body, and never apologize for your beauty.  Check out her page now and see all of the amazing things she has done!

#Throwbackthursday Wean Green Mama-Melissa Gunning

A little bit about me, the Wean Green Mama. I compost in high heels. I sort my recycling in designer jeans.  I shop at the organic grocer with a beautiful shade of pink lipstick and I lead an eco-chic sorta life! I grew up on cheezies, chicken fingers and those wonderful mini pizzas that McDonald’s has since removed from their menus.  My mom scrubbed the toilets with bleach every weekend and I loved the smell! I thought recycling was for hippies(don’t worry I love hippies) and that composting had to involve lots of worms. When I run into people from my past life they always wonder what happened to me.  It’s simple. I married for looks and ended up falling madly, deeply in love with a dirt loving, earth hugger.  I didn’t fall into this earth lovin’ life easily.  It took the hubby a little while to convince me not to throw absolutely everything into the garbage and that riding my bike to work would actually help save the planet. Ever since I started over populating the Earth over 8 years ago I have been very conscious of living environmentally friendly. I purchase less, reuse more and recycle everything! As I venture into the big scary world of starting a business I have re-examined all my eco ways and I am excited to start a journey to ‘green’ my home, business and family.  Follow my journey and discoveries as I throw out (recycle) the plastics and bring in the organics. Follow my new blog series, Wean Green Mama’s World!

5 Quick Holiday Tips

I love the holiday season! The friends, parties, traditions!! The one thing I don’t love is the over indulgence that we often see during this time. Here are my 5 tips to stay eco-chic this holiday season: 1. Creative Wrapping: Get creative! Wrap in something that people would also love to be gifted, like a Lunch Cube or a dish towel! 2. Portion Control: The easiest way for me to use this is to grab a ‘real’ plate at a party. I find that if eating off disposable dinnerware you are often tempted to go back for more, even after you have trashed the first plate. If you are using a real plate the chances of you refilling or grabbing a new plate will be lower… 3. Give Activities: Instead of giving material gifts this year try giving ‘activities’. Like park passes, swimming lessons, truffle classes (that will be used asap;), rock climbing memberships, etc. 4. Help Out: Donations and volunteering are a great way to help even out this now consumer driven holiday season. You will notice that it is almost difficult to get in to volunteer in the month of December so instead of going in for a 1 time show, sign up to volunteer for the year. Get some friends together and take over Tuesdays Soup Kitchen duties. There are tons of ways to help those in need and tons of us to do it so lets all pitch in and brighten someone else’s holiday season. 5. Decorate Wisely: Thankfully a lof of our decorations are family heirlooms that will never be thrown away or replaced. Really think of what you are buying just to use for a few weeks of the year. Try making your own decorations with your families. Surprise them with some cool homemade advent calendars! Have a safe & happy holiday season!

Wean Green Mama Travels WITH Weaners

The pros of traveling alone: lots of sleep, long dinners with associates, uninterupted airplane movies (sometimes even with a glass of wine) a very quite hotel room…. The cons of traveling alone: I MISS MY FAMILY!! As you know from my little rant on traveling for work, I travel a lot! I LOVE bringing my family on some of these trips and find it has to be ridiculously organized to keep my sanity for this one;) Here are my tips: 1. Pack Snacks! Preferably in small, adorable tempered glass food containers. 2. Get Help. If you know you are working late or going to a kid-free zone, make sure you have the resources to find someone to help out with the kidlets! The hardest thing for my kids to learn the first time I started bringing them was that I was there for work, not a holiday. Let them know your plans and ensure you are prepared;) Even better-bring your husband! 3. Make it Fun. I try to take an extra day to hang with the kids without work. Normally we just lay on the beach or spend the day checking out local attractions. Low key, no computer! The days that I am working I make sure I can schedule breakfast in with the kids as well as a little pool time in the hotel. 4. Keep your cool. Traveling for work on your own is already stressful enough. The ‘missing’ trade show booths, late meetings and broken airplane t.v’s are all frustrating enough and when you add your kids into the mix you have to remember that YOU chose to bring them. They are still kids and will do things that will require parenting. Even with the added stress of working out of a 200 sq ft hotel room you are still mom (or dad)! 5. Set out the Law. When your traveling with mama you are working for mama. Behave or you will be fired. It works every time;) Check out our family/work photo albums. We managed to work every single day of each of these trips! Love these weaners! 🙂 ~Melissa

Wean Green Mama Travels

As you may or may not know I travel. A lot. Here is a peek at my schedule: January– Toronto February-LA, Frankfurt March-Anaheim, Chicago LA April-Miami, Vancouver May-LA, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Boston….and the list goes on. I also have two young weaners at home. And as some of you may or may not know, I love my life. Here is how I keep my sanity while traveling:  1. Hire a Dana (no, you can not have mine!). Having amazing people to work has made my life so much easier! My sincerest thanks to Dana, Katie, Jen, Awesome Reps, Verde, new Liz, Awesome Distributors, Everyone I am missing, and of course my amazing childcare saviour! 2. Marry a supportive husband….or convince yours to change;) Kevin has never questioned my desire to lead a WeaNation. In fact, he encourages it. I sync our calendars so that when I am away he doesn’t even notice (that much). 3. Watch a movie on the plane!! As a mama and a business owner it is ridiculously hard to sit still anywhere. The plane forces me to hang tight for a few hours. 4. Buy organic produce when you get to your destination! How many of you notice that as soon as we hit the road our healthy eating habits go with it? I love running into an organic grocer after I land to pick up a bag of fresh produce and some healthy snack foods. Of course I pack these into my Wean Green and bring them to my meetings;) 5. Pack up your family when you can! I love to travel for work, I love to travel for work even more when I have my daughters and husband with me. Often times there are scheduling conflicts and lack of childcare for the events but when I can make it work I always do! 6. Spend at least a half a day exploring. I always figure, if I paid for a ticket I am going to enjoy the view. (Huge thanks to my Netherlands distributor who gave me the entire country tour in the 13 hours I had on ground;) Makes it even better when you get the tour WHILE you work! 7. Call Home!!!!! Sometimes the time zones prevent me from calling home as much as I would like but in the end, every time I speak to my family I get a little more grounded and a lot more motivated to conquer the world one Wean Cube at a time! 8. BYOBedding! Traveling to Europe with a carry on and a duvet can be difficult so I have normally left my bedding behind BUT thanks to a new tip from Tracy I just bought one of these awesome 100% naturally organic silk DreamSacks.    Cheers! ~Melissa

A day in the life…

I know many people have wondered what it looks like to live the life of a Wean Cube. We are so excited to announce that you can now follow the fabulous life of a Wean Cube on twitter, thanks so much to Ellen the Wean Cube for allowing us to take a little look in her fabulous life.

Pre Oscar Party Adventure..Part 1

My favorite part of getting out of my office/toy room is meeting other companies in this business! There were some familiar faces at the event as well as some new ones! Hello gorgeous super mama! I was more starstruck meeting the owner and maker of the absolutely beautiful Mod Mom toy boxes! I have to say this is one unassuming mama! She has 2 kids and while playing the part of mother amazingly she spends countless hours in her shop hand crafting modern, designer toy boxes! I can’t wait to get one (for each room in my house!). You can buy both Mod Mom Furniture and Wean Cubes from our friends over at Babybot! Huge shout out to Kiersten and any other lovely mamas from da’ Bank! One of the things that made Babybot so unique is that they actually brought in some of their suppliers reps! I was so thrilled to work with Ricardo from Bugaboo and Jose from Beco!! Its Jose in the picture above but we made sure to put the Bugaboos in to represent Ricardo! I will find a good one of him for Part 2. We all know I am a huge fan of both companies and it was absolutely fabulous to meet them! More about my babybot field trips will come!! Leap Frog-I can’t thank those ladies enough for putting up with my over tired bubbly personality on set up night! The ladies patiently waited until ridiculous hours in the night to receive their products. As if it wasn’t hard enough to sit and watch us set up hundreds of boxes they also were gracious enough to tease us all night;) I love them both, if you are reading-HI!! Some familiar faces were the glowing smiles from Puppy & Bean! My goodness, these women are lovely! They offer shirts branded with some great sayings. Talia’s personal fave ‘Spirited Child’. I’ll say! Little Divas Tutu also offered an extremely friendly familiar face! Melissa is absolutey beautiful and I was so excited to see her again! My daughters have been having so many tutu parties since the last time I was so excited that she gave me another one to mix it up a bit;) I love seeing mamas working hard-especially with their babies in the carrier helping them! Toe Blooms was there with babies in tow (I think the babies were the biggest celeb draw;) Great products, amazing company! I Like Meredith. I also like the I Like Book.  This book gets my commercial-As a mom and a teacher this product grabs my attention! One of my next posts is about how positive energy makes such a change in everything we do, teaching this from a young age gives our munchkins the tools they need to choose the right paths and ‘like’ themselves as well as others! Another beautiful mama- Oh Baby Organic Skincare was at the event with her beautiful little girl! As a Canadian mama I […]

Happy Holidays

We have been super busy building snowmen and eating cookies! I can’t wait to share some news, recipes and cool products next week! I will be in touch soon! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!!