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Sending More than Love-PARTY!!

Okay Calgary, come and join us as we get these shipments packed up and shipped out to Slave Lake residents!! Check out the facebook event page! Bring some items from newest list of items that we are taking (please donate all other items to your local charities): – NEW Mens and Women’s Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, brushes, shampoo, soap (no bar soap) and hair elastics, clips) – NEW Men’s socks and underwear – NEW Women’s socks, underwear and bras – NEW Kids socks and underwear – Food – Makeup – Suitcases, tote bags etc. – Hangers – Baby bum cream, diapers, baby wipes – Paper towel – Toilet paper

Currently in need of the following donations

May 18, 2011 chapstick Bug Spray Flashlights Tweezers Batteries Lotion Shaving Cream Sun Screen Powdered Baby Formula Soy Baby Formula Mosquito Nets for playpens and strollers Underwear & bras Bottled Water Reusable bags

Drop Off Locations YYC for Slave Lake (& Vancouver!)

We are collecting all of the donations and bringing them to our storage facility to sort and ship. We are still working directly with the shelters and teams up North that are taking the donations. We are sorting everything in Calgary and shipping as it is called for. As soon as Slave Lake residents are ready to rebuild their homes we will be able to offer more assistance to direct individuals! I would really like to thank Arcan Resources for the unbelievable donation to cover our expenses!! This has made it possible to be the hub for Calgary! All of our donation drive items are ending up at 1 place! If you are hoping to drop off and are in the area, please drop off directly to them, if you are passing one of the drop off locations below you are still able to drop off there. Thank you so much!! Sentinel Self Storage located at: 2 Bowridge Drive NW Calgary Alberta T3B 2T9 Drop off in Residential area on the front door step: 3048-28 St sw 403-701-8912 Thanks Bug & Blossom 1632 14th Ave. N.W., Calgary North Hill Centre (right beside the Fanattic (flames) store) Tuscany mama is accepting donations today: 128 Tuscany Valley Rise Donation Drop off at Riva’s Eco Store 1237 9th Ave SE Calgary AB 403-452-1001 Star Bright For Kids 309-500 Country Hills Boulevard NE Calgary, AB T3K 5H2 Vancouver Drop Offs!! Raspberry Kids #504-1540 west 2nd avenue, Vancouver, bc v6j 1h2 We are located in the Arthur Erickson waterfall building and the closest cross street is Fir. Please go to the intercom, use the # key to scroll until you get to #504 and then buzz up. Use the elevator located next to the intercom and our suite is located on L5. If you are having troubles with your drop off please feel free to call the warehouse number 604-568-5674. Byfield Insurance can take donations, I have some storage. 1915 34 Ave SW. (403) 685 4455. Our hearts and thoughts are with our fellow Albertans. A donation drive in Calgary this Friday: Another residential drop off! 270 evanscreek court NW! Residential  #1, 304 Ross Ave,  Cochrane, AB

Lets Send More than Love to Slave Lake!! Donations & Drop Offs!

A small Northern Alberta town, Slave Lake, has ended the weekend in a state of despair. People watched the news footage as nearly 30% of their towns structures have burnt to the ground, including hundreds of homes, churches and businesses. For more information on the fires please read The Globe & Mail’s article. I can’t believe the amount of love and support pouring in for the town! Read my sister’s beautiful post on Gratitude and Grace. If you are like me it is so difficult to sit back and feel helpless SOOO lets help!! Monetary Donations- The Red Cross is the best place to donate money! The Red Cross is already in action and they  need our support. Goods-We are currently working on getting our retailers to accept donations for Slave Lake residents who have run for shelter in the surrounding churches, community centers and loving homes! Please watch below for updated drop off locations. Our retailers will generously post their locations below. If there is no drop off location near you please email the team at to arrange alternative arrangements. What is needed? Everything from shampoo to blankets and clothes. Diapers and baby food as well as non-perishable food.