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Sending More than Love-PARTY!!

Okay Calgary, come and join us as we get these shipments packed up and shipped out to Slave Lake residents!! Check out the facebook event page! Bring some items from newest list of items that we are taking (please donate all other items to your local charities): – NEW Mens and Women’s Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, brushes, shampoo, soap (no bar soap) and hair elastics, clips) – NEW Men’s socks and underwear – NEW Women’s socks, underwear and bras – NEW Kids socks and underwear – Food – Makeup – Suitcases, tote bags etc. – Hangers – Baby bum cream, diapers, baby wipes – Paper towel – Toilet paper

Pre Oscar Adventure Part 2…Celebs & WG!

I don’t travel often. And I  leave my family even less. I had the opportunity to attend Jayneoni Moore’s Pre Oscar Gifting Suite in February and I couldn’t turn it down! After the fabulous time at the Golden Globes suite I decided that the marketing power of these events was worth travelling for (who are we kidding, I just wanted to go back to LA!) As some of you may noticed I have been auditioning for a spot on the Babybot team for over a year. Not only do I love this store to pieces the owners are amazing friends of mine so I thought maybe I could bring them down to LA with me. As you can imagine it wasn’t very hard to convince them to join me! Babybot’s owners are also designers so I thought I would take advantage of that and let them have full control over our shared booth design and take all the credit for it later.  I am still blown away by our booth! It was incredible and they only bossed me around until 2 in the morning the day I got to LA to set up;) At least I was good for something! After building walls and setting up displays and placing products our booth looked amazing! The event began on Friday morning and one of the first celebs to walk through the door was Martyn LeNoble, Christina Applegate’s fiancée and new baby daddy! It was great chatting with him and hearing about their new baby girl! With a great start to the event I was equally as pleased with every celeberty I had the opportunity of giving Wean Cubes to. Not only is Kelly Rutherford my favorite tv mama she is also now one of my favorite real life mamas! She had her absolutely adorable daughter, Helena in tow! Yes, that is the absolutely beautiful Antonio Sabato Jr. and his equally beautiful baby mama, Cheryl. Can’t wait to see this baby;) I knew Autumn Reeser from Entourage and her recent successful show, No Ordinary Family. Her and her husband Jesse are expecting their first baby and her glow was contagious! Sandwiched in between two absolutely beautiful women! Minnie Driver & Kathleen Robertson are both mamas to toddlers too! Karl Yune, from Memoirs of a Geisha joined the gifting suite with his extremely radiant wife. I can’t wait for his new movie, Real Steel to hit the big screen, it sounds awesome!! Stay tuned for more from the gifting suite….

2011 Pre Golden Globes Boom Boom Room

I had such an amazing time meeting some beautiful and amazing celebs as well as being placed in the same room as so many great companies!! Here are some pics from the event!!

Game On! Snow Rumble Competition!

Wondering why I haven’t returned any calls or emails for the past 4 days? I had to practice my SnowRumble: Babybot vs. Monster skills so I could put out a little challenge to all of you lovelies! Although my competetive nature said “BOOYAHHH” to everyone who missed their chance at the 5% promo code for successfully whooping the first level of SnowRumble I was feeling a bit sad for those who wanted to purchase Wean Cubes for 5% off:( This is my cheap attempt at an apology:) I contacted Babybot and told them that I would give any player who beat me at the game 5% off Wean Cubes from their store. They have stepped up to the challenge and matched my discount. Yes that’s right folks, beat me at SnowRumble and you will be rewarded 10% off Wean Cubes until December 17th. Even better? For everyone who plays on Team Wean Green, you will be entered to win a Babybot/Wean Green gift set just in time for Christmas! I have also put out this challenge to some other lovely manufacturers that Babybot sells for! The larger team Wean Green is the bigger the chance that a Wean Green reader will win the gift set!! Read below for all the boring but extremely important info! How to play: 1. Download the game FOR FREE!! 2. Once you create your Posse, name it ‘Wean Green’ and then Your name- Mine is ‘Wean Green Mama’. **CHECKOUT BABYBOT’S INFO PAGE TO FIND OUT HOW TO PLAY!! 3. Remember to submit your high scores after you play! Go to the high scores area and submit your scores. 4. After you have submitted your high scores you can see where you stand on the online high scores!! If you figured out how to cheat and managed to hack your way into a higher score than mine, send me an email to and let me know your Posse Name. If I see that you indeed beat me I will email you back with your promo code.  If I discovered you were fibbing, watch for the giant snowball on your front window:) 5. Get your friends involved! Make sure everyone puts ‘Wean Green’ at the start of their posse name and together Team Wean Green will rock the world of manufacturers! If team Wean Green beats out all the other Babybot teams, all of our team members (regardless of their abilities or lack of) will be entered to win a Babybot gift set just in time for Christmas!! 6. Rate the game!!! You can rate the game on iTunes! Every person that rates this game 5 stars with a comment will be entered to win a limited edition Colin doll from Babybot & Monster Factory! Woot Woot. 6. Break a finger…ummm, I mean leg!

Team Wean Green Ran for the Cure Again!

What a fantastic morning and what a FANTASTIC team!! I would like to thank everyone for coming!! Stevie, Kenzie, Heather, Tanis, Kristy, 2 Rocky Mountain Kids,  Holly, Macy, Rayne, Talia and the team members we adopted along the way, Amanda, Sammy and Monica all rocked the run! I was so impressed with our runners, woohoooo!! We ran in memory of those we have lost and miss dearly as well as in honor of those who are continually fighting this awful disease. Our super amazing team raised over $2000! Next year our goal is to double it!! I will post the registration info as soon as it hits the CIBC Run for the Cure website! Next Years run is on October 2nd and the team party will be on September 30th. Can’t wait to see more of you out next year. Thanks for the donations everyone!!

Happy 2nd Eco Birthday!!

Our youngest Weaner is 2 today!! Huge Happy Birthday Baby Girl! If you are a real fan you would have read last year’s post, The Eco-Friendly Birthday. JK! This year’s birthday was a far cry from last years!  We had planned on doing an Enchanted Forest celebration outside and set up some camping tents with different stuffed animals BUT Mother Nature had a different plan for us! It was a mere 6 degrees celcius this weekend which forced  inside! I found it a lot more difficult to stick to the eco theme inside!! Here is how I bluffed my way through her second eco-birthday! Invitations: Once again I used the powerful force of! And once again I used a Tiny Tillia template, I absolutely LOVE those designs!! Check out the one I used (remember it was supposed to be an OUTDOOR party:) Don’t like evites? Try using plantable paper (like our inserts in a pack of Wean Cubes). I get the paper from a Canadian company, They have AMAZING service and grow some awesome flowers. Activitues: I had planned on teaching the weaner’s how to play a couple different games but they did not need my help at all!! There was plenty to do and they had a blast chasing the cat, dancing around, singing, screaming, and did I mention screaming? Food & Decorations: The menu was rather abundant this year!!  We had everything from cheese and crackers to beef on a bun.  With all the food I was a bit concerned that the little weaners wouldn’t eat their veggies so I decided it would be best to make a little village of vegetable people. The vegetable people were great! I even shared a couple with the kids. Check out the tablecloth under the food, I had made sewn that for last year’s party and this was its 3rd appearance! It is such a great room decoration, there is really no need for anything else when you have a really bright crazy tablecloth! The cake is really my favorite part of any party.  This year the choice seemed so obvious as to what I was going to make.  Monkey for the monkey. She’s 2, need I say more? Loot Bag: Wean Cubes filled with the home made modelling dough (and one Wean Cube of Smarties, sorry mamas!) Check out the recipe for the modeling dough Presents: Same as last year. What?! You didn’t read that one:) I asked that everyone bring a donation to the CIBC Run for the Cure that Team Wean Green participates in. The girls each raise their own money and then participate in the run with us.  The smallest weaner has it a bit easy as she is comfortably seated atop three large wheels, next year we will let her run it! She did great and raised over $100 at her birthday party!! Huge thanks for the donations everyone! Did Mommy Cry: Although I had a blast, this picture sums up my day, […]

1% and Live Music Across Canada this Month

I love live music!! Especially when it raises awareness for environmental non-profit organizations.  Join me Saturday April 11th at MEC store from 12-2 OR at Marquee Room at 8:00. “This April, Canadian singer-songwriter and 1% for the Planet member Chris Velan will be touring the country to spread the word about 1% for the Planet, and environmental non-profits like the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and The Big Wild. Sponsored by Mountain Equipment Co-op, the tour will make stops Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. Each of the dates includes an MEC in-store performance at noon and an evening venue concert.” Not going to be in Calgary? That’s okay check out 1%’s blog and find your Canadian city tour date: 1% and live music across Canada this month | One Percent Blog.

The Eco-Friendly Birthday

Can you believe my youngest weaner turned 1!  In true wean green fashion we partied down, eco style. Here is how I went green: Party Invitations Printed invitations, really? Not me. I used, one of the many electronic invitation sites on the internet.  Huge thanks to Tiny Tillia  who has some adorable, stylish, designer invitations on (here is the one I used). PRO: PAPERLESS! (Also so cute) CON: I didn’t have all the little weaners email addresses. SOLUTIONS: Good old fashioned telephone (confession: and facebook). Party Games I hosted the party at the park so the kids did not need much entertaining!  They ran through the sprinklers, played on the swings and went down slides.  There was no abusing that poor old donkey at this party. PRO: Physical activity for kids, need we say more? CON: Well if you don’t want your kids to sleep really good at night you may not like this idea Decorations I decided against a lot of decorations.  I sewed a tablecloth that can be reused for all the weaner’s birthday parties to come.  Other than that I did not see a need for anything else.  If you do decide to go down the decoration road some green options are to choose things that can be re-used for many years and if you absolutely must use balloons please make sure you use 100% latex! PRO: I didn’t have a garbage bag full of plastic Dora decorations. CON: I sewed.  It was interesting. SOLUTION: If you don’t want to make your own decorations check out Green Planet Parties. Good Organic Birthday Eats Organic. Organic. Organic.  I was able to buy most of my ingredients for the cake, snacks, drinks and wraps at our local organic food store.  I made my own cake, (side note: it is so nice to know how much sugar is in the cake your kids are eating!  I am sure the last store bought cake we ate had at least 5 times the sugar it actually needed!) PRO: Homemade baby/big people food. CON: It takes a bit more time to throw this all together. SOLUTION: I put the oldest weaner to work with me the day before to make sure I didn’t have anything left to prepare on the day of the party. Plates/Cups/Utensils It makes my stomach turn at every party to see all the useless waste and cost from one time use plates and cups.  I brought the plates, cups and utensils from home. PRO: No waste. CON: The clean up and you may not have enough plates. SOLUTION: Dishwasher (mine is about 6 feet tall, my kids call him Dad). If you are worried about not having enough plates and cups ask your guest to each bring one from home. Birthday Crafts We painted some potters, added in the soil and planted some ivy.  (I have to give a shout out to my husband’s best friend, Kyle, for this one). PROS: The lifespan of a planter. it […]