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Dr. Seuss, a unique look at environmental issues from… 1971

The first time I read Dr. Seuss’s ‘The Lorax’ was in my second year of University.  My professor was giving a lecture on the importance of teaching children about the environmental impact humans have on the earth and referred to ‘The Lorax’ as the leading educational tool. I have to laugh thinking back to the first time I read ‘The Lorax’ to a group of six year olds.  I was anticipating a light discussion on doing things like picking up garbage in the playground or making sure their families recycle.  That is not at all what happened!  We ended up spending the entire morning brainstorming ways to save the planet, and we were not just talking about picking up garbage.  One idea that they came up with was to start an environmental campaign in our city schools that encouraged teachers to have at least one paper free work day a week.  I have to say, I was shocked!  I realized at that moment that my little group of munchkins with the brain capacity of, well six year olds, had the ability to help change the world. Think about how many teachers have read this book to a group of similar kids since it was published in 1971, now think about if each one of those classrooms initiated and maintained an environmental project (like the one I mentioned).  Just a thought… I am passionate about this book and the goals that they can set for not only children, but also adults.  Conservation International, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, and Random House have launched a campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire earth-friendly action worldwide. Check out this site with your kids to see how you can help:

Eco Friendly School Supplies

The most eco friendly school supplies you can send your child to school with this year? Their school supplies from last year! If they have completely destroyed that opportunity (as mine have) make sure you are aware of what evil chemicals can lurk in the school supplies you send. Here are some awesome back 2 school school supplies that don’t involve chopping down the rainforest or bathing the class in nasty toxins. Top Ten ‘Must Haves’ for an Eco Friendly School Year: [SlideDeck id=’2353′ width=’100%’ height=’300px’] CONTEST ALERT: This fun contest will help us all head to school with safe school supplies this year! At the bottom of this blog post share your suggestions/stories on how you go (or went or are going to go) green for school. For every 100 comments we have we will choose a winner! Each winner will be given $100 gift certificate to We will also donate a Wean Green Set to that person’s school charity of choice. 1000 comments = 100 winners! Contest closes on August 31.

Tips to Pack the Perfect Back 2 School Lunch!

Luckily for my kids the internet was created and I no longer have to use ‘that’ side of my brain to come up with an awesome lunch. Here are my top tips for packing back to school lunches! 1. Websites! Use Weelicious– I LOVE this site! This mama shares many recipes and ideas every week. One of my favorite things about the site is that she is teaching the kids to love food without disguising the nutricious ingredients into a dish. It is so important for our weaners to know what a healthy, well rounded diet looks like and if we don’t teach them to eat vegetables because they are awesome they are never going to put them into their own diets. One of my favorite lunch recipes is her very simple banana dog recipe. Its quick, easy, fun and the kids love them! 2. Stock pile your fridge!- At the start of the week cut up tons of veggies, wash loads of fruit and stock pile your fridge! The weaner has to make sure she packs at least one full portion of fruit and one of veggies every day in her lunch. This week I had cut up carrot sticks, celery sticks, red pepper and cucumber sticks and threw them in Wean Tubs. I made little fruit salads with grapes, raspberries, and blueberries and put them in Wean Bowls. I buy the big bins of yogurt and split it into Wean Cubes. 3. Let your kids do it!- I don’t know how many times we have been told this is great for kids and their is such a higher chance that they will devour everything in their lunchkit if they are the ones that put it in! I am so excited to get my eldest weaner into a cooking class to teach her other methods of cooking! She will be heading over to Kulinary Kids soon! 4. Keep it Simple! There are so many blogs and articles written with lunches that look like they were made by fairies. There is no way that it will taste any better by creating a castle, didn’t your mothers ever teach you not to play with your food;) I like to do something a little more creative on special days, like birthdays or other celebrations. The rest of the time I like to go in and get it done! 5. Get rid of all the garbage!! You don’t need to buy individual bags of food or even small pre-made applesauces. Teach your child to use reusable containers to store food. Buy in bulk to reduce the waste coming out of your house and the waste going to the schools. Think of the yogurt example, imagine 2 kids in school with a couple individual servings of yogurt a week. That is about 4 pieces a garbage a week, 16 a month and 160 a year. Multiply ghat by an entire class of 20 and it starts getting uglier. Use reusable containers! Looking for 100 […]

Thirsty? Rethink Disposable Water Bottles.

In the heat of summer I think we all need a little reminder about plastic water bottles. Remember, if you run into a store to buy a  bottle of water chances are you could just as easily run into a store to refill your water bottle! Thirsty? Wean Green has officially banned plastic water bottles from our office (of 2;).

Peas, Carrots, Rice and Chemicals

Isn’t it great when you grow your own veggies cook up an amazing stir fry and find you have some left over for the next day?  Depending on what you store your leftovers in you may be adding some unwanted chemicals into that amazing (and once healthy) stir fry. BPA is probably the most unpopular chemical involuntarily added into our food from containers.  Read my other post on Canada’s BPA ban to learn a bit more about that.  Obviously Wean Green has done their homework on the importance of not storing food in plastics!  Although we only carry the one size of glass container I do encourage you and your family to use your plastic food containers to store non-food items and replace them with glass.  You can purchase glass containers almost anywhere you can purchase plastic ones! A couple of things to look for when you are purchasing glass food containers: –          Tempered glass- this ensures that you can reheat your leftovers without the glass exploding.  It also allows you to freeze the glass with no consequence –          BPA free lids and silicone seals- your food will still come into some contact with the lids so ensure you are protected against this nasty chemical! –          Microwave safe lids only mean that the lid will not melt in the microwave, this does not mean that if you place the lid in the microwave that it will not leach any chemicals into your food.  BPA is not the only chemical found in plastic! Don’t microwave the lid! –          Glass is breakable, always read the warnings and care instructions with your containers.

Birthday Present Idea for the Weaner that has EVERYTHING!

We were at a great birthday party on the weekend!  Lovely family, their kids have everything!  Last year I bought them a frog for their weaner’s second birthday.  Ha ha!  This year I thought a puppy would be a good idea but decided against it considering the frog never did make it to the third birthday party. Here is what I did for the weaner that no one can buy for: Bought the Built Lefty lunch bag from Filled a pack of Wean Cubes up with candy: Need I say more?  After he opened the present and found the candy inside he decided he was good and didn’t need to open the other 10 presents waiting for him.  He loved it! And yes his mother is still my friend.