Baby Apps!! Man, I love my iPhone;)

Its such an ‘app’ world! I use an app to do everything from distance my runs (which has been easy lately…0 km), wake me up, give me recipes and even check in with airlines and hotels! It is amazing how many apps there are that help us all out!

Recently I was visiting a friend and I noticed that she always kept her iPhone really close when she was doing all the new tasks mamas do. I finally asked what she was doing and I was stunned to see that she had her adorable baby’s entire little life stored in her iphone! Gone are the days you have to put pins on your bra to remind you what side you nursed on last;) For $4.99 you can time, track, andremember every detail of your weaner to be’s life! I remember my big notebook that I would use to log all my weaner’s bowel movements, feeds, sleeps, baths (yes Renee, I did bathe them:), and extras (like when they got Vitamin D). I also remember leaving that book behind at several locations that never were disclosed and starting again. Eventually (about a week in) I gave up on my very good efforts and winged it which always came back to bit me when they had their emerg visits or checkups. I was equally as delinquent at keeping their ‘first year’ books up to date. Again, I would write down all of our special moments on little sticky notes only to lose them all in the end. Iwould take pictures and not get the film developed and I lost that nice little immunization book the nurse gave me about 1 week after I got it (each time…).

This Total Baby App has been rated the #1 app to do all of the above!! You can take a picture at your weaner’s first hockey game and add it into their diary and then video their first steps and keep it all in one safe place. Besides the diary I think my favorite feature is the growth tracking. You can track, chart and email your baby’s growth!  My goodness I wish I had my iphone 9 years ago!!

Still waiting on your baby to join the world? I was thrilled to see that What to Expect has offered a FREE App for all you pregnant mamas! Although all pregnancies are nowhere near to being the same I absolutely loved finding out what could be happening with my  growing baby every week! I also used the book to help decide what was ‘normal’ and what required attention. I used to phone my husband from work and ask him to go get the book and tell me if the symptom I was having was okay or not. I think he would have really appreciated this one;)

Another circle I have been running in lately is that of the potty training parent. It is so funny how much conversation this can bring to a table of adults at a dinner party:) And of course, there’s an app for that! The I Love Potty Training app has it all. This $2.99 app includes: an interactive ebook, potty tracker, reward button, potty drop game, tips and advice, email diploma, English & Spanish version. Really $2.99 is much less than all the money I spent on bribing my kids with Smarties!

There are so many fabulous apps and I would love to hear your favorites!! Add them below to share!

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