B is for Batteries

Powering up all the gadgets in our lives with conventional batteries and then dumping them in landfills creates a toxic mess. Instead, try rechargeables. They are 20% less harmful than tossing out a one-time-use one and if stored properly – you can get a lot more charge out of the battery life.  Read up on how rechargeables are better for us and our world, and tips on how to get a long lasting charge here. Also take a look at wind powered, solar powered or hand crank eco-gadgets coming on the market with great force. If you do use batteries, make sure they are put in the right place when you are done with them.


find out how and where to recycle batteries in your area, and why throwing them out does more harm than good


Lisa Borden, champion for change, mom of 3, and owner of Borden Communications believes, “If you aren’t outraged, then you just aren’t paying attention.”. You can follow her on twitter @LisaBorden for rants, raves, inspiration and information.