A is for Anti-Perspirant

This blog is part of a series based on Lisa Borden’s book, The Alphabet of Avoidance. Each time Lisa writes, she will highlight one thing we all should avoid (and rant about it a little bit to bring awareness to things that we need to consider changing). She will also include (what she takes great pride in) solutions to those problems.

A is for Anti-Perspirant

Do sweat the small stuff…that’s how we can change the world. You may even perspire as you consider how much you need to avoid! So, before you roll on, read the labels and ingredients on your deodorant. There are plenty of safe, healthy options on the market, and for the DIY’er at heart, you can make your own personal deodorant with ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard!  Read these helpful suggestions by Environmental Defence’s very own Communications Manager for tips on how to beat the stink – naturally.  Don’t just stop at your anti-perspirant – check the ingredients on all your other personal care products too. Do you know what they are? Can you pronounce everything? Are there parabens in there? Is there even an ingredient list? Remember, if it’s on you, it’s in you.



shop for safer personal care products using this “wallet” sized guide

evaluate what you use, and research safe alternatives


Lisa Borden, champion for change, mom of 3, and owner of Borden Communications believes, “If you aren’t outraged, then you just aren’t paying attention.” You can follow her on twitter @LisaBorden for rants, raves, inspiration and information.