6 Tips to Prevent a Picky Eater


1) Stop trying to control how much your child eats. No more “3 bite rule!” When we force or strongly encourage our child to eat more, it just builds power struggle. They end up actually eating less than if given the option to choose how much they are hungry for, and mealtime is not enjoyable for anybody!

2) Do not be a short order cook or offer “back-up” foods if your child refuses what is offered. Not only is it more work for you, but it discourages your child from trying new foods when they know they can get what they want.

3) Do not bribe or reward with dessert and sweets. This puts sweets on a “pedestal” and sets your child up to have a sweet-tooth for life. It also tells them that dinner/the vegetable/whatever they have to eat, is undesirable and must be forced down.

4) Continue to offer previously refused foods whenever you eat them, with no pressure. You can try foods in different forms as well (like sweet potatoes baked, mashed or in fry form).

5) Be a good role model. Offer mostly nutritious foods and eat them yourself!

6) Get your child involved in growing the food, shopping, preparing the food and setting the table. They are more likely to eat new foods they have played a part in preparing!